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How rich is Kathleen Wynne?

Name: Kathleen O’Day Wynne

Born: May 21, 1953

Occupation: Politician

Kathleen Wynne, fair use
Kathleen Wynne, fair use

Kathleen Wynne was born in Toronto, Ontario on May 21, 1953. She is the daughter of Patsy O’Day, a musician, and John B. Wynne, a doctor. She has three siblings: Ann, Eva, and Marie.

Kathleen studied at Queen’s University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later enrolled at the University of Toronto, receiving a Master of Arts degree in linguistics. She was also a given of Masters of Education degree from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Kathleen became a member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists.

She was previously married to Phil Cowperthwaite, who she had three children with: Chris, Maggie, and Jessie. They were divorced once she came out as a lesbian. Kathleen has been married to Jane Rounthwaite since July 2005 and the couple lives in Toronto.

Before entering politics, Kathleen acted as president of the Toronto Institute of Human Relations. She later established Citizens for Local Democracy and Metro Parent Network.

Kathleen first tried her hand in politics in 1994, running for school trustee, but she was defeated. She sought public office again six years later and was elected as school trustee. In 2003, she entered the provincial arena and won a seat in Queen’s Park. Kathleen was re-elected three more times by double-digit margins in the riding of Don Valley West.

Throughout her tenure in the Premier Dalton McGuinty government, Kathleen served as Minister of Education, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

Following the resignation of the Liberal premier in 2013, she sought the party leadership. After winning the nomination, Kathleen was sworn in in February 2013. A year later, a general election was held and the grits garnered a majority government. She will face Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford and New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath in the June 2018 general election.

Kathleen is the least popular premier in Canada and has an approval rating of just 12 percent. The premier and her government have faced a myriad of scandals over the years.

Outside of politics, she enjoys running.

We estimate that Kathleen Wynne’s net worth is $1.1 million (2018).

So how much is $1.1 million really?

$1.1 million can purchase a house in Kathleen Wynne’s Don Valley West riding in midtown Toronto. $1.1 million can also cover a fraction of a percent of the infamous $1.1 billion gas plant scandal in Ontario.


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