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Cynthia Nixon makes first national TV appearance as political candidate

Cynthia Nixon, fair use
Cynthia Nixon, fair use

Cynthia Nixon announced last month that she is running for governor of New York, seeking to unseat incumbent Andrew Cuomo. After attending a few rallies, delivering speeches, and being active on social media, the Emmy-winning star of “Sex and the City” made her first national television appearance since entering the electoral contest.

On Wednesday, Nixon made a stop on “The Wendy Williams Show” to talk about the election, current events, the Democratic Party, and her time on the hit television series.

Nixon revealed that the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 prompted her to get involved in the political process. In addition to her love of New York City, she felt that Trump’s victory “was a real wake-up call for women across the country.”

“I think that we’re at a real watershed moment now,” she said. “We can really make change. There is such an appetite for real progressive change in New York City.”

She has faced some pushback from Democratic and Independent voters and pundits because of her celebrity status. Nixon isn’t fazed by these comments. She dismissed the concerns by alluding to Cuomo who was also a celebrity when he first ran eight years ago.

“People talk a lot to me about being a celebrity entering this race,” Nixon told Williams. “I have to say, when Andrew Cuomo ran eight years ago, he was a celebrity because he was the son of Mario Cuomo.”

Where Does Nixon Stand on Policy?

On the issue of marijuana, Nixon noted that she was “absolutely” in favor of legalizing it. Nixon wants to “capture some of the revenue” that can be put into government coffers that can be reinvested into public programs.

Another key priority for the potential governor is better funding of public education. Throughout much of her adult life, Nixon has been an advocate for public schools, but she noted that sometimes you can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect change.

“I love New York and I believe so much in New York. If you want it done you actually have to get in there yourself,” Nixon added.

Nixon endorses gun control. When she was pressed by Williams if shootings by police officers is “a black man thing,” the actress conceded that “it is a black man thing.”

“I think too often our elected leaders will talk about killings when it’s a lot of kids in a school,” Nixon averred. “But when it’s young black men of color being shot by police unarmed – if we’re going to say black lives matter, we have to mean it.”

The Future of the Democratic Party

She also believes that it is important for black women to cast a ballot, too.

Nixon explained that 90 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. She described them as the “backbone” of the Democratic Party, adding that it is critical for the party to “let them lead.”

“Black women are going to stop showing up for the Democratic party if the Democratic party doesn’t show up for them,” she told the host.

Analysts say that Nixon likely made a big splash in the gubernatorial race since Wendy Williams attracts approximately two million viewers per day. Because she lags way behind in the latest polls to beat Governor Cuomo, especially in New York City, this could have been a make-or-break moment for Nixon.

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