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Tom Arnold Reveals He Had Eyes for ‘Roseanne’ Star Laurie Metcalf

Tom Arnold was not only attracted to Roseanne Barr during film of the smash hit television sitcom, “Roseanne,” he also was nearly involved with another star of the TV series.

Speaking in an interview with Howard Stern, Arnold revealed that he nearly became romantically attached to Laurie Metcalf, who plays the character Jackie Harris, while filming the pilot.

“The night we shot the pilot, yes, Roseanne was in the front seat getting romantic with John Goodman. I was in the backseat. Roseanne looks back and I’m holding hands with Laurie Metcalf,” he told Stern.

Arnold insists that his pursuit of Metcalf never went beyond that incident, likely because Barr intervened and put a stop to the romance before it went any further.

“We had a night… it’s like I’m sure we were out partying,” he said. “The next morning [Barr] calls me into her office and she goes, ‘Tom, I was a writer too. Writers cannot date the actors. That’s the rule of Hollywood’… And then I couldn’t date Laurie Metcalf.”

Barr and Arnold were married in 1990, but they filed for divorce in 1994, which was when he was terminated from the sitcom.

Despite the original cast returning to the revival of “Roseanne,” there have not been any reports suggesting that he will be appear in the reboot.

Tom Arnold Seeks Donald Trump Tapes

Since his stint in “Roseanne,” Arnold has put together an extensive resume, including films like “True Lies” and TV shows like “Easy to Assemble.” His latest project is a collaboration with Vice Media to launch a television series about President Donald Trump’s past. The project has been described as a mix of “All the President’s Men” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

“Nobody thought I could ever be an investigative journalist, but then again, nobody thought Donald Trump could be president. Let’s hope this marks the end of both our new careers,” Arnold recently revealed.

It has been no secret that Arnold detests the president and conservatives in general. He has been the most vocal on Twitter, where he has slammed various conservatives like Candace Owens, Joy Villa, and Ben Shapiro.

Interestingly enough, his ex-wife, Barr, is an ardent President Trump supporter.


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