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How rich is George Lucas?

Name:  George Lucas
Born: 14 May 1944
Occupation:  Director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Entrepreneur, Cinematographer

George Lucas.  Photo: Joi Ito, Flickr.
George Lucas. Photo: Joi Ito, Flickr.

Possibly the greatest screenwriter of the 20th century, George Lucas needs no introduction. Lucas was born in Modesto, California in 1944 to the proud parents of Dorothy and George Walton Lucas, Sr. Lucas spent his childhood chasing fantastic racing dreams in the flats of Central Valley. Long before ‘the Force’ was with us, Lucas sought a different career in the racing industry. A near-fatal accident swayed his path and ultimately Lucas became one of the greatest film producers of all time, sharing the status with the likes of Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg.

Lucas attended the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts where he devoted much of his time studying the elements of motion picture films. Here, Lucas became great friends with then unknown Steven Spielberg. Even after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lucas returned in 1967 to re-enroll as a student at USC to further his knowledge of film production.

The 1973 film, American Graffiti, and 1977 trilogy, Star Wars co-starring Harrison Ford, catapulted Lucas’ career into greatness. ‘The Force’ was now with us and Lucas’ life before ‘The Jedi’ would never be the same. Released in 1977, Star Wars became the highest-grossing film of that era. Fast-forward to 2012 and how much is George Lucas worth today? Try a net worth of $3.3 billion (2,069,225,400 GBP) dollars, as speculated by Forbes magazine. Of course, this number ranges all the way to $7.3 billion (4,577,377,400 GBP), depending on the source.

So what could we do with $3.3 billion dollars? 

You’ve got to know where I’m going with this — lightsabers. Can you imagine the number of lightsabers we could buy?! For a tricked-out Force lightsaber, the average price is $109, so we could potentially buy 30,275,229 lightsabers and defeat evil!

Of course, if we’re really going to think geek, we’ve got to consider purchasing the full Official Darth Vader costume. At $794 each, that’s 4,156,171 evil impersonators flooding the streets. Better yet, let’s think wisely and go with Yoda. A much better bargain — both monetarily and spiritually — the Yoda costume is $45. That’s 73,333,333 Yoda’s. Very smart, I am.

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