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How rich is Simon Doonan?

Name: Simon Doonan

Born: October 30, 1952

Occupation: Fashion designer and media personality

Simon Doonan, fair use
Simon Doonan, fair use

Simon Doonan was born in Berkshire, England on October 30, 1952. He is the son of Betty and Terry Doonan.

He has been married to Jonathan Adler, a fashion designer, since September 2008. The couple resides in the state of California.

One of Simon’s first jobs was that of a retail clerk at the Heelas department store. He returned to his position when he graduated from university, becoming a professional window dresser. His strong passion and artistic creativity allowed Simon to get hired at Aquascutum to dress windows.

In 1978, he was asked to move to Los Angeles, California to professionally dress windows for Maxfield. By 1986, he would become one of the most prominent window dressers for Barneys, where he is the company’s Creative Ambassador. His flamboyant personality, careful attention to detail, and strong window dressing acumen has helped him become a media sensation.

He writes for The New York Observer and Slate. Simon has appeared on a wide variety of television shows, including “America’s Next Top Model,” “Fashion Hunters,” “Iron Chef America,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Beautiful People,” which is based on his own memoir.

He is also the author of “Confessions of a Window Dresser,” “Wacky Chicks,” “Eccentric Glamour,” and “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat.”

In 2018, he was hired by NBC to serve as a judge on “Making It,” a reality competition television series.

We estimate that Simon Doonan’s net worth is $62.4 million (2018).

So how much is $6.24 million really?

$6.24 million can open up several retail locations around the world with the nicest windows. $6.24 million can also produce an NBC reality TV series.


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