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How rich is Louis Farrakhan?

Name: Louis Eugene Walcott

Born: May 11, 1933

Occupation: Musician and theologian

Louis Farrakhan, fair use
Louis Farrakhan, fair use

Louis Farrakhan was born in New York City, New York on May 11, 1933. He is the son of Percival Clark and Sarah Mae – the couple split before Louis was born. He has one sibling, Ben.

Louis was a student at Boston Latin School and English High School. When he graduated, he enrolled in Winston-Salem Teachers College, completing three years on a track scholarship. During his academic career, he studied music as an extracurricular activity, specializing in the violin.

He has been married to Betsy Ross since he was in college, and they have nine children: Mustapha, Joshua, Abnar, Louis Jr., Donna, Hanan, Maria, Fatmah, and Khallada.

Louis started his career in music during the 1950s, recording a handful of Calypso albums under the name “The Charmer.” Some of his songs would hit the top 100 Billboard Chart for five consecutive years. He performed a lot of concerts and gained immense recognition for his musical talents.

His career took a sharp turn when he was introduced to the Nation of Islam (NOI), a black political and religious movement originating from Detroit, Michigan. It is widely believed to be a racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Asian movement. When he joined the organization, Louis quickly climbed the ladder, rising to the top just nine months after registering as a Muslim. He served as a national spokesperson, assistant minister, keynote speaker, and minister.

Louis has been involved in numerous controversies over the years: he claimed Hurricane Katrina was a conspiracy to wipe out black sections of New Orleans, he accused Jews and Christians of being Satanic if they did not join the church of Scientology, he suggested the September 11 terrorist attacks were committed by “lying, murderous Zionist Jews,” and he stated that blacks are superior to whites.

He was in the news again after he appeared at Aretha Franklin’s funeral and for his relationship with several prominent Democrats, including Keith Ellison.

We estimate that Louis Farrakhan’s net worth is $3 million (2018).

So how much is $3 million really?

$3 million can purchase several locations for the Nation of Islam organization. $3 million can also cover the immense healthcare cost related to Louis Farrakhan’s health.


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