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How rich is John McAfee?

Name: John David McAfee

Born: September 18, 1945

Occupation: Entrepreneur and investor

John McAfee, fair use
John McAfee, fair use

John McAfee was born in Gloucestershire, England on September 18, 1945. He is the son of a U.S. Army veteran and a British mother.

Raised in Salem, Virginia, John studied at Roanoke College, earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 1967, and later an honor Sc.D. degree in 2008.

He was first married to Judy until their divorce in 2002. John then married Janice Dyson, a former prostitute, in 2013, and the couple currently resides in Lexington, Tennessee.

Prior to launching a successful multi-million-dollar company, John worked for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies in New York City for two years. He was then employed by Univac as a software designer and Xerox as a consultant. John subsequently worked as a consultant for several other companies.

It was in 1987, a year after receiving a copy of the Brain computer virus and experimented with software to fend off viruses, he established the computer anti-virus firm, McAfee Associates. After just seven years, he quit the company and then sold all of his shares in the company.

Since leaving the business, John has had an interesting journey. He was still entrenched in the world of technology, founding the first instant messaging platform, PowWow, and investing in a firewall software. Following the financial crisis, John started an all-natural antibiotics production company called QuoromEx. He proceeded to launch Future Tense Central, an incubator and maker of D-Central. Becoming an expert in peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency bitcoin, John is now the CEO of Luxcore, a cryptocurrency business.

Over the years, he has branched out into a lot of non-tech areas. He teaches yoga and has written a couple of books on the subject. He has invested in real estate, experimented with plants for potential medicinal uses, and delved into politics.

In 2015, John announced his intentions to run for U.S. president, seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party. Some of his positions are of the libertarian nature, including a non-interventionist foreign policy, ending the war on drugs, abolishing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), advocating religious liberty, and generating cyber security awareness. He lost the nomination to former Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM).

His loss did not dissuade him from running for president again, announcing that he will make a bid for the White House in 2020, either as Libertarian or head of his own political party.

John’s net worth used to be $100 million, but the Great Recession wiped out most of his wealth.

We estimate that John McAfee’s net worth is $4 million (2018).

So how much is $4 million really?

$4 million can buy property in Belize. $4 million can also cover the cost of a $1 billion presidential campaign.


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