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How rich is Marie Kondo?

Name: Marie Kondo

Born: October 9, 1984

Occupation: Author, consultant, and reality TV star

Marie Kondo, fair use
Marie Kondo, fair use

Marie Kondo was born in Tokyo, Japan on October 9, 1984.

Marie studied sociology in university.

She is currently married to Takumi Kawahara, and the couple has two children.

After her post-secondary studies, Marie founded an organizing consulting business called KonMari Media.

Marie has garnered a lot of buzz in recent years for her talents in organization. Claiming that she has been interested in organizing since her youth, she embarked upon a successful career as an organizing consultant for both homes and businesses.

Ultimately, her approach to organizing and decluttering is the so-called KonMari cleaning method. This encourages people to determine if an item “sparks joy,” and if it doesn’t then it is time to toss it out. She has six steps:

  1. Commit.
  2. Imagine the ideal life you wish to live.
  3. Discard first.
  4. Tidy by category.
  5. Follow the order above.
  6. Ask yourself “Does it spark joy?”

Some of her recommendations have sparked online debates, particularly when it comes to books. One camp says you should keep as many as possible, while the other thinks Marie’s advice is sound.

But this is how Marie is climbing the entertainment ladder: creating such dialog. In January 2019, her Netflix series premiered, titled “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” The new show has eight 40-minute episodes that are available for streaming.

Over the years, she has published several books, including “Spark Joy,” “Life-changing Magic: A Journal,” “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering.” Her books are so popular that they have been translated into many different languages, such as French, German, and Indonesian.

She has appeared on multiple programs, like Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rachel Ray, and Talks at Google.

We estimate that Marie Kondo’s net worth is $8 million (2019).

So how much is $8 million really?

$8 million can purchase a brand-new home with nothing inside, except a coffee maker and a chair. $8 million can also buy the services of Marie Kondo who can help you declutter and create plenty of space.


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