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How rich is Jeremy Clarkson?

Name: Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson
Born: 11 April 1960
Occupation: Broadcaster, Journalist, Author

Jeremy Clarkson. Photo: Ed Perchick.
Jeremy Clarkson is more colourful than this picture would indicate. But it was the only one we could find without having to pay royalties. Photo: Ed Perchick (Flickr).

Clarkson was born and raised in Doncaster. His father was a traveling salesman and his mother was a teacher, but they also owned a company that sold tea cosies. Wanting the best for their son, they registered him to go to a school they knew they couldn’t afford, but were determined to get him in. When the time arrived for him to go to Hill House School they had just made two Paddington Bear stuffed animals. People saw them and his parents began selling them, making enough money to pay the tuition. In school he was generally considered a disruptive child, and was frequently caught smoking and drinking.

He got his professional start on Children’s Hour, and followed by working for the press. He worked as a journalist before landing the role of a presenter on Top Gear, co-hosting with James May and Richard Hammond. Although the initial show wasn’t a commercial success, it was reorganized and Clarkson stayed on board. After the changes, consisting mostly of throwing out any sensible car talk, the show became a huge hit and it is currently among the most popular TV shows in the world with guests ranging from Rowan Atkinson to Will.I.Am.

Clarkson tends to say what he thinks and in some scientific circles there are speculations that his mouth isn’t actually connected to his brain. This, however, has not made him less popular. Clarkson clearly has one of those personalities we love to hate.

He continues to write for both The Sun and The Sunday Times. He has 10 books to date, with the most popular being The World According to Clarkson.

Clarkson has been married twice. The marriage to his first wife, Alexandra James, lasted under two years. He in 1993, possibly in a bid to reduce costs, he married his manager Frances Cain. They have three children together. From his career writing and his popular show, we estimate Clarkson’s net worth to be about $5,500,000 (3,400,000 GBP).

UPDATE: Towards the end of 2012 Clarkson’s company Bedder 6 Ltd sold its stake in the Top Gear concept to the BBC.  Though the exact sales price was never published it is rumored to have been just below GBP 20 million (about $ 32 million at the time).  Clarkson owned 30% of Bedder 6, netting him nearly $ 10 million.

In the years following our original article Clarkson has continued to rake in the cash, although Clarkson lost his job as a presenter of the Top Gear show in 2015.  We now estimate Clarkson’s net worth to be about $22,000,000 (13.5 million GBP as of Sept 2015).

So how much is $22 million dollars really?

As a writer, Clarkson may want to try the old fashion route someday and use a ball point pen. With his money, he could afford 15,400,000 of them. But then he’d need paper…  $22 million will buy you quite a lot of paper actually – 4,400,000,000 sheets to be precise.  Which would weigh about 21 million kilos.

Maybe since Clarkson tends to get into trouble with his mouth and likes sports cars, it only makes sense he buy a Bugatti Veyron Super Sports car for a mere $2,400,000. It clocks up to 267 mph – that way he can get in trouble on the streets as well.

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  4. 5.5 million that’s it pay clarkson more!

  5. He sold Top Gear for £20 million so this is wrong??

    • Hi! The article was written before BBC announced the purchase of Bedding 6 Ltd. We have updated the article now. Thanks for letting us know!

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