How rich is Kelly Clarkson?

Name: Kelly Brianne Clarkson
Born: 24 April 1982
Occupation: American singer, songwriter, actress

Kelly Clarkson. Photo: Manfred Werner.
Kelly Clarkson. Photo: Manfred Werner.

Kelly Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas, the youngest of three siblings and grew up in Burleson, Texas.  She came into the spotlight for winning the first season of the television show, American Idol  in 2002.  This wasn’t her first stab at success as she had previously been offered recording contracts from both Interscope Records and Jive Records.  She turned down the offers feeling she wouldn’t have as much control over her music as she wanted.  She went back to working random jobs, including being a cocktail waitress and a telemarketer.  At the urging of her friends she tried out for American Idol in May of 2002 and just four months later took home the title.

After winning, she signed with RCA Records and her debut album Thankful was released in 2003.  It gained both critical and financial success and the first single titled “Miss Independent” was an international hit.  She later made her first film appearance in From Justin to Kelly, which was a flop.

Kelly eventually parted ways with her managers and hired a talent manager to have more creative control over her music.  Her second album Breakaway was a critical success and was the third best selling album in the states in 2005, and sold over 12 million copies throughout the world.

These albums were followed up by My December released in 2007, All I Ever Wanted released in 2009, and Stronger released in 2011.  All of her albums have done well and been commercial successes.  Because of her immense success, we estimate Kelly Clarkson’s net worth at $27,000,000 dollars (16,971,000 GBP).

So how much is $27,000,000 dollars really?

As many of Kelly’s fans know, she is very involved in charity work and helps around the globe.  But back at home in Texas, Kelly has a ranch dedicated to homeless animals that may not have gotten another chance without her help.  Amputated animals, blind animals, and other disabled critters find sanctuary at her ranch as more permanent homes are sought for them.  If Kelly were to only take care of dogs, she could feed over 108,000 dogs for one year.  That’s a lot of kibble!

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