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How rich is Lana Del Rey?

Name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, aka Lana Del Rey
Born: 21 June 1986
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Lana Del Rey. Photo: Georges Biard.
Lana Del Rey. Photo: Georges Biard.

Elizabeth Grant, better known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, was born and raised in New York until the age of 14 when she was sent away to boarding school.  She had become dependent on alcohol and in an effort to help her, the decision was made to send her to Kent School located in Connecticut.  She remained there until she was 18 and moved back to New York.

She got her start in music by performing around New York City in various clubs.  5 Point Records signed her to a deal when she was 20 and her first album, Lana Del Rey a.k.a. Lizzy Grant was released in 2010.  She eventually got out of her contract and signed with another company in 2011.  Her first single “Video Games” was uploaded to YouTube and became an internet sensation seen by millions of people.  2012 was the release date for Born to Die, her second album which sold 2.8 million copies and produced four top ten hits.

Lana Del Rey is also a part time model with NEXT Model Management and is a model for H&M for their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign.  She is also the spokesmodel for Jaguar, the automotive company.

Although Lana Del Rey grew up in a what some would call a privileged home, she is definitely out to make it on her own.  Her soft, sultry voice is unlike many on the music scene right now and many people like the freshness of her sound.  From her short time on the scene she has sold a lot of records, so we estimate her net worth to be $12,000,000 (7,500,000 GBP).

So how much is $12 million dollars really?

If Lana Del Rey wanted to buy one of those Jaguar F type of cars she’s trying to sell, at a price starting at $69,000 she could own 173 of them.  Talk about having one in every colour…but maybe that’s just not practical.  She could buy one and enough gas to drive around the world 149,406 times.

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