How rich is Nicki Minaj?

Name: Onika Tanya Maraj, aka Nicki Minaj
Born: December 8, 1982
Occupation: Rapper, singer-songwriter, television personality, voice actress

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.
Nicki Minaj. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.

Nicki Minaj was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago in December of 1982. Known as ‘the city that never sleeps,’ it seems quite fitting to Nicki Minaj’s personality. Nicki lived here with her grandmother until she was five years old before moving to New York City with her parents. Nicki spent the rest of her childhood growing up in the streets of Queens. Although classic music seems a little surprising, Nicki played the clarinet in the middle school band. Of no surprise, her high school career was focused on music and visual performing arts.

Nicki’s passion for acting led her to pursue role after role, but to no avail. Giving up on acting, Nicki pursued other professions to make ends meet. Waitress, administrative assistant, customer service, and office manager were all positions Nicki filled as she struggled through the early years of trying to make it. At this point in her life, Nicki was 25 and heading no where fast.

Early in Minaj’s career, she became a member of the rapping foursome, Hoodstars. Hoodstars managed to record the entrance song for Victoria, a WWE Wrestler; however, unsatisfied with the success of the group, Minaj left the group in pursuit of her own dream. In an attempt to evolve her career, Minaj uploaded a few songs to her Myspace profile and sent demos to several in the music industry. She got her first big break with Dirty Money Entertainment.

Minaj released her first mixed tape, Playtime is Over, in 2007, followed by her second mixed tape, Sucka Free in 2008. With her music career soaring, Nicki received Female Artist of the Year in 2008. Her publicity extended to BET, XXL magazine and other media outlets. Projects with Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z skyrocketed her efforts and the only thing bigger than Minaj’s success, was her personality.

These solo and collaborative projects propelled Nicki’s success. So much so that in 2011, Nicki became the first female rapper to ever make Forbes magazine’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. Her earnings in 2010-2011 were projected at $6.5 million. If that sounds like a lot, try doubling it. Nicki Minaj’s net worth today is $14 million (8,786,246 GBP).

So how much is $14 million dollars really?

Outrageous personalities require outrageous apparel, and Nicki loves outrageous. The average fluorescent-pink wig is $13, so if Nicki wants to ‘share the love’ you could potentially see 1,076,923 running around the streets of New York.

If pink isn’t your style, you can always go the 6.5 inch heel, platform shoe route. At $40 a pair, you’re looking at 350,000 pair of awesome sex appeal.

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