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How rich are the Osbournes?

Names: Sharon Rachel Osbourne  and Joh Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne
Born: 9 October 1952 (Sharon), 3 December 1948 (Ozzy)
Occupations: Rockstar, Music Moguls, Presenters, TV Personalities

Ozzy Osbourne. Photo: Kevin Burkett.
Ozzy Osbourne. Photo: Kevin Burkett.

Married in Hawaii in 1982, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have become hugely successful global superstars, owing to their careers in music and for their controversial behaviour in the media. Ozzy was the first of the couple to shoot to stardom as frontman of 1970s heavy metal band, Black Sabbath. In fact, his band was managed by Sharon’s father and this is how the two met. Ozzy was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979 – he was infamous for his rebellious behaviour as a rock star – and it was Sharon who picked up the pieces. She managed his solo career with reasonably great success. Sharon is often seen as ‘just’ Ozzy’s wife but, in truth, she’s a highly acclaimed music manager and businesswoman.

Until 2002, Sharon and Ozzy were best known for being rock stars but as they grew older, their celebrity status had started to slip a little. That was when the couple chose to open their home to camera crews for their MTV series, The Osbournes, which also featured all but one of the couple’s children. The entire Osbourne family quickly became world-renowned for being such an outlandish and dysfunctional – yet seemingly happy – family.  When the series ended in 2005, both Ozzy and Sharon attempted to continue their careers as TV personalities. However, it seems that only Sharon has enjoyed success in the spotlight since then, as Ozzy now makes very few TV appearances. Sharon, on the other hand, has been a regular judge on some of the UK’s and the US’ most popular talent shows, such as The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Life has never been plain-sailing for either Sharon or Ozzy, especially when it comes to health. In 2003, Ozzy was treated for life-threatening injuries after he crashed  a quad bike at his home, which Sharon has called one of the most difficult times in their lives. Sadly, Sharon faced a battle with colon cancer in 2002 but, thankfully, she recovered. In 2012, she told journalists that she had undergone a double mastectomy after tests revealed she was at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

From their years in the music business and their latest television adventures, we estimate the Osbournes’ net worth at $130,000,000 (81,400,000 GBP).

So how much is $130 million really?

It’s well documented that Sharon Osbourne is a huge fan of dogs so maybe she should follow the example of the rich British surgeon who paid out an unbelievable £250,000 on an architectural masterpiece for her own pet pooches. In other words, she blew quarter of a million pounds on a luxurious kennel. The surgeon’s Great Danes can look forward to enjoying a plasma TV, automated food and water dispensers, under-floor heating and an outdoor play area. Well, they do say ‘it’s a dog’s life’…

Of course, if Ozzy ever wants to return to his party lifestyle, he could well buy a luxury yacht for a cool $50 million. In 2012, a newly built yacht named ‘Lady Linda’ was put on sale with this hefty price tag but, it has to be said, you really do get your money’s worth. Lady Linda comes complete with a helipad, a gorgeously decorated lounge area and a built-in saloon-style bar.

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  1. Diane Mahan

    Sharon is real and down to earth. Ozzy a musical genius and artist, is one of kind . what an amazing couple.

  2. Diane I think you said it all I think we would be a great couple also love you baby … love you Sharon love you Ozzy .. turn a little more to God Ozzy. Last 20 years or more he has made a big change for his children especially in the last 10 he’s got a big heart I think he’ll be rocking upstairs when it’s time…. peace

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