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How rich is Rick Harrison?

Name: Richard ‘Rick’ Kevin Harrison
Born: 22 March 1965
Occupation: Businessman, Reality TV star of ‘Pawn Stars’

Rick Harrison. Photo: Joey L / History.
Rick Harrison. Photo: Joey L / History.

Rick Harrison was born in Lexington, North Carolina in 1965. At the age of 2 his U.S Navy veteran father was relocated to San Diego, California and the family went too. Here his parents founded a successful real estate business, however this collapsed in 1981 and the family moved again, this time to Las Vegas, which is where Rick made his fortune.

At the age of 17 Rick married his sweetheart Kim and just two months later the happy couple fell pregnant with Rick’s first son Richard Corey. A second son, Adam, followed two years later but shortly after, Rick and Kim divorced. He quickly married again, to second wife Tracey, and continued to raise his sons.

Rick’s business career began at the tender age of 13 when he started his own pawn shop, but it wasn’t until 1988 that he founded the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with his father. The shop is conveniently located just two miles from the infamous Las Vegas Strip and is now the biggest pawn shop in the city. By 2005, the father and son pair was lending around $3 million to customers annually, making around $700,000 in interest as profit.

In 2010 Rick Harrison was awarded the Pawnbroker of the Year Award by the National Pawnbrokers Association for his contributions to the pawn industry.

The highlight of Rick’s career however must be his TV series, which has just been signed for another 80 episode deal. The series ‘Pawn Stars’ was first pitched to HBO but in the end the History Channel bought the rights. In 2011 Pawn Stars became the most watched program on the History Channel and the second highest rated reality TV show after Jersey Shore.

With his years in the business and the television show, we estimate Rick’s net worth to be $5,000,000.

So how much is $5 million dollars really?

Rick is not afraid of spending money.  He recently forked out nearly $ 140,000 on a new black Porsche Panamera Turbo.  But if Rick is feeling a bit more adventurous he could take himself and 24 buddies on the Virgin Galactic space trip to outer space. Tickets cost just $200,000 each so he could make a bit of a party of it.

Or if he wanted to stay a bit closer to home he could pay for himself and his wife plus two other couples to go on the most expensive world cruise ever. The 124 day cruise is currently up for grabs at just $1.5 million, but he’d get to see a lot of countries.  Over 28 countries, just think of all those antiques he could find!

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  5. I love Pawn Stars. another good show is hardcore pawn, but it gets a bit boring after a while. Pawn stars is better because each episode is more varied and you learn a bit too 🙂

  6. Could you please change Rick Harrison’s birth date to March 22nd, 1965? That is the correct date according to Corey Harrison’s instagram page.

  7. Done! Thanks for the correction!

  8. I like your realite show realy I like have a frigidaire coke or dudweiser I from qbec canada t litthe price loll dou you have this and what de price beford bofort for this thank you very musth and you want a stard a new panw shop ont quebec its a greag ideal andser me than rick and a best price for the frig denis champagne

  9. niranjan singh

    a great show having so much fun and at the same time, it gives a overview on our history. my favourite is rick…

  10. another good program, I’m addicted to it.

  11. Get rid of Chumley and me and my friends would watch it. He insults our intelligence..me.

  12. Richard Shaffer

    Love the show, but I don’t like the way Corey talks to his father. Calls him “Dude”. I have a feeling there is some anger from the past over his father divorcing his mother or something. Something is wrong, there. With all his acne, anger and condescending attitude toward his father, he leaves me cold. My favorite character on the show is the “Old Man.”

  13. Mike Oxbig

    fuckin losers especially Chumlee they had their 15 of fame time to get

  14. Get rid of cum a real ass i don’t Watch as much because he makes me sick. If he talked to me like that well he would stand up to eat for awhile.

  15. faye gebauer

    Really like watching Pawn Stars. Cory does not talk “nice” to his father, Rick. No love!! Chumley should be “fired”. So “fat” now and never comes on time/ always sitting in his bosses chairs

  16. I love Porn Stars, they come across as real people and the variety is great. I dislike Hardcore Pawn, they come across as exploiting the people they deal with and the daughter is unbelievably crass, rude and ignorant.

  17. Hovercraft was invented by Chris Cockerell on England, UK, not sweden as on your show.


    pawn stars is a great show & am addicted.

  18. rick u r best

  19. Fire chumlee he is so disrespectful to Rick and his Dad.. Who I love watching…corey is same as his friend chum… They don’t need them.. I tend to turn channel when they are on.. THEY are not funny n I don’t want my children watching how they treat their elders.. Grow up guy’s.

  20. cecil sabourin

    Chumlee,besides being a blubber receptical,would,nt last 5 minutes working for my company. We don,t allow 8 hour breaks,expect respect for others(may get punched out by a welder) and be on time and productive. Sorry Chumlee,you just don,t cut it,go find something fattening to eat,your best quality after work dodging. Corry,s right behind with that mouth. Whenever either of these guys are on ,we begin to serf. Actually,when ,the Chum, was arrested,we figured Great,no more of him.What a surprise.

  21. Brad lindstrom

    Hey Rick have original Getaway poster Steve McQueen Ali McGraw didn’t send back in film canister from 70s says on it was to be destroyed whats worth

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