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How rich is Rihanna?

Name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Born: 20 February 1988
Occupation: Recording artist, Actress

Rihanna. Photo: Liam Mendes.
Rihanna at the Battleship Australian Premiere. Photo: Liam Mendes.

The artist known as Rihanna was born in St. Michael, Barbados.  She had a difficult childhood as she saw daily the effects of drug addiction in her father.  Her parents divorced when she was 14 and shortly after, Rihanna decided to drop out of high school and pursue a career in music.  She had met Evan Rogers, a record producer, in Barbados in 2003.  He brought her and her mother to New York to record some demo tapes and she got her first contract.  Two years later, at the request of Jay-Z, she sang for him and he then signed her to Def Jam Recordings, for a deal that included a six album record agreement.  She relocated to the U.S. when she was just 16 years old.

Her first single, Pon de Replay, was a hit and her first album, Music of the Sun, which was released shortly after, made it to #10 on the Billboard chart for albums.  Her second album, A Girl Like Me, had two hits including SOS which became her first #1 single.  Her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, reached the second spot on the Billboard charts.  The following year she released Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes and that album scored two more hits on it for her.  Her next four albums, Rated R, Loud, Talk That Talk , and Apologetic were also commercial successes.  She has also appeared in several movies.

Although she has had enormous success in her professional life, her personal life has at times been a struggle.  In 2009 she was assaulted by Chris Brown, her boyfriend at the time.  There was a large outpouring of support from both fans and the public.  She turned the bad experience into something good and became a spokesperson for domestic violence.

It seems as if anything Rihanna puts out is widely popular.  Her continual stream of hits has gotten her quite the fan base.  Due to almost 10 years in the big time, we estimate her net worth to be $60,000,000 (38,000,000 GBP).

So how much is $60 million dollars really?

Since Rihanna likes to sing about diamonds, it’s only natural she would want to wear them.  The Steinmetz Pink diamond is reportedly worth $25 million.  With her money, she could be happy singing about two of them.

But we’ve all seen the pictures of Rihanna on vacation.  She likes to go back and enjoy the life she left behind in her youth, and is often photographed playing in the water on some island.  If she wanted to, she could get some more privacy from those pesky paparazzi  by buying her own private island in the Caribbean.  For a price tag of $13,000,000 she could have four of them and have enough change left over for a pretty nice diamond too.

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