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How rich is Darrell Sheets?

Name: Darrell Glenn Sheets
Born: 13 May 1958
Occupation: TV personality, Second hand dealer and storage unit buyer.

Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars on A&E Network.
Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars on A&E Network.

Darrell Sheets, originally from Covina, CA, first entered the spotlight as “The Gambler” – on of the main characters of the A&E reality show “Storage Wars“.  A big mouth and a cutthroat attitude has made him a force to be reckoned on the show.  He is joined on the show by among others Dave Hester, Brandi Passante and Barry Weiss and his son Brandon Sheets.

Storage Wars was by no means Sheets first experience with buying storage lockers.  He has more than 30 years of experience and his finds apparently include paintings by Picasso, a letter written by Abraham Lincoln and a pile of rare comic books.

We estimate Darrell’s net worth at around $ 1.8 million.  Most of it thanks to the popularity of the show itself.  That is not to say that Darrell hasn’t made a good profit from his locker buying business too, but some big spends and several divorces has eaten away a good bit of that.

He is rumored to be dating Huntington Beach Realtor Kimber Wuerfel.

So how much is $1.8 million dollars really?

Although perhaps not enough to make Darrell Sheets rich in the celebrity world, it’s certainly to buy you a good time.  You could buy 6 million party balloons for example.  That would certainly be a good surprise party.  Or you could buy 450 000 fake dog poops for a real big laugh.  For the more real experience, you could buy 1,800 Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies.  Very cute, but might leave a bit of a mess.

For a more ethic experience, Darrell could invest in the Celtic Tiger Dance Show.  It cost exactly 1,8 million and is the most expencive dance show every to be put up in the US.  Or he could just buy a TV.  The PrestigeHD Signature Rose LCD TV, that is.  The price tag is also 1,8 million, but then you do get an outer frame of gold and a surface around the TV studded with diamonds.  And they say you can’t buy class…

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  5. It’s no fun watching Storage Wars, because Darrell Sheets. HHAHAHAH!

  6. Narrator Guy

    And once again Darrell Sheets go back home without buying anything with his big mouth。

  7. I love everyone in the show but Darrell just puts in so much laugh most of the time.
    What a good selection of what to do with Darrells net worth aswell 😀

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  9. YUUUP!

  10. Come on Darryl you lov it….YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPP

  11. Darryl Sheets is a piece of shit. He really thinks he is a master strategist when he is nowhere close to being that intelligent at outsmarting his opponents. This fucking asshole has no skill whatsoever. His son is a fucking asshole too. Darryl and Brandon Sheets tandem are inferior pieces of shit. They certainly go out of their way to monopolize every square inch of California thinking they are rulers of all of California when they go to these storage auctions. Storage Wars episode I most like to see is me appearing at all of their storage auctions with the infinity gauntlet and beating the shit out Darryl and Brandon Sheets and saying this entire earth is mine and you think you can own California as your backyard. I own every square inch of this earth since I wield the infinity gauntlet. Darryl and Brandon should know their place in life is to be inferior to me. Enough of their bullshit about being master strategists. That is bullshit. These guys have no idea how to outsmart their opponents. Did I mention they are fucking assholes.

  12. I love everyone except for yep dave hester he is a stupid mother fucker and the lady with the clip board i cant stand her

  13. .I love Daryl dave Hester is the worst mother f*****the gambler makes the show

  14. didier cigala

    Je suis français. Je suis vos aventures a television . Vraiment super. Bravo. Didier

  15. You are all pathetic! All haters! And I laugh n shake my head in shame at you gossiping girls lol!

  16. that is deffenntly my money

  17. Tulip1961

    Darrel is loud and obnoxious. I like Storage Wars.

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