How rich is Adele?

Name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Born: May 5, 1988
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Adele Adkins.  Photo: Christopher Macsurak.
Adele Adkins. Photo: Christopher Macsurak.

Adele had always had a great love for music. She had created a demo recording, which a friend of hers posted on the social Network MySpace. Someone from XL Recordings heard it and Adele was signed with them in 2006. Her debut album was a success. It was entitled 19 and was double platinum in the United States and 4 times platinum in the United Kingdom. She won 2 Grammy Awards for 19. Her second album was released in 2011 and was called 21. It was another success. Adele received six Grammy Awards that year. 25 million copies of 21 were sold throughout the world!

Adele had two tours, An Evening with Adele and Adele Live. She also made some television appearances including Saturday Night Live, Ugly Betty and Punk’d. In 2012, Adele was pleased to convey that she had been working on the song Skyfall for the new James Bond movie. It was one of the highest rated songs from Bond movies of all times. We estimate that Adele has a net worth of about 35 Million Dollars.

So, how much is 35 Million Dollars really?

If Adele got tired of living at her English mansion, she could always relocate to New York City! Living in the Big Apple is expensive but Adele could afford to live in the most expensive rental apartment New York has to offer. It is the Grand Astor Suite located inside of the Plaza Hotel. It costs $165,000 per month to reside in these luxurious digs. She could live there for 17 years and 8 months before she ran out of cash. Of course, we all know that more albums by Adele will be coming out so it is doubtful that she would ever have to leave the Plaza Hotel!

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