How rich is Anna Wintour?

Name: Anna Wintour
Born: November 3, 1949
Occupation: Editor, Fashion Journalist

Anna Wintour.  Photo: Karin Bar.
Anna Wintour at New York’s Fall Fashion Week. Photo: Karin Bar.

Anna Wintour always knew that she would eventually be involved in the media industry. It seemed to be a family career as many of her family members have been involved in media and publications. When Anna was around 14 years old, she really fell in love with fashion. At 21, Wintour was hired as an editorial assistant for Harper’s Bazaar UK and even at that young age, she told everyone that she would someday become the editor of Vogue magazine.

In 1975, Wintour moved to NYC and became junior fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar. After nine months, the editor canned her because of her innovative yet controversial shots. She then landed the editor position at Viva magazine, an adult publication for women. It was shut down in 1978 because it was losing money. She became the fashion editor of Savvy in 1980 however; she left that position to become the fashion editor of New York magazine. In 1983, Wintour accepted a position at Vogue where she has been ever since. We estimate that Wintour has a net worth of about 35 Million Dollars!

So, how much is 35 Million Dollars really?

If Anna Wintour wanted to liquidate all of her assets to get more people to read her beloved Vogue magazine, she could do so in a heartbeat. A single issue of Vogue magazine costs $4.99 at the newsstand or supermarket. Wintour could actually supply each and every one of the 7,014,028 women who are over the age of 18 and living in NY with a copy of the magazine. This would surely boost circulation and in effect, make even more money for Wintour!

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