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How rich is Brad Pitt?

Name: William Bradley Pitt
Born: December 18, 1963
Occupation: Actor, producer

Brad Pitt.  Photo: SpreePiX.
Brad Pitt at the Berlin premiere of Inglourious Basterds in July 2009. Photo: SpreePiX.

Brad Pitt is widely heralded as the World’s Most Attractive Man and the Sexiest Man Alive. He got the first big break for his acting career in the 1991 hit movie, Thelma and Louise. Pitt played the irresistible drifter who seduced Gina Davis’ character and eventually robbed her. This role opened up loads of doors for the actor. Prior to 1991, Pitt had non-credited roles in No Man’s Land, Less Than Zero and No Way Out. During this time, he also made television appearances on the programs Another World, Growing Pains, Dallas and 21 Jump Street.

Pitt’s first leading role was filmed in 1988 and was called The Dark Side of the Sun. It was a Yugoslavian and US effort and went unreleased until 1997 due to the Croatian War of Independence. He also has roles in Happy Together and Cutting Class at this time, and had also had some TV roles on Thirtysomething, Growing Pains, Freddie’s Nightmares and Head of the Class. Shortly after Pitt began to star in some widely acclaimed movies such as Kalifornia, A River Runs through It and ShoWest. These films catapulted Pitt into stardom and made others recognize his great acting talent. Some of his major film roles are Interview with the Vampire, Mr. and Mrs. Smith where he met Angelina Jolie, Babel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Legends of the Fall, Seven (with Morgan Freeman), The Mexican and Spy Game, just to name a few. Pitt has also hit the ground running with his producing and directing career. It is estimated that Brad Pitt has a current net worth of 150 million dollars!

So, how much is 150 Million Dollars, really?

Brad Pitt is very active in trying to help rid the world of AIDS. If he really wanted to help stop this disease, he could supply every male in Haiti between the ages of fifteen and sixty-four with plenty of condoms. There are 2,898,251 people who fit into that age and gender bracket in Haiti. Pitt could liquidate all of his assets and buy those guys 256 each! Now, if that won’t help stop the spread of AIDS, we don’t know what will!

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