How rich is Cameron Diaz?

Name: Cameron Michelle Diaz
Born: August 30, 1972
Occupation: Actress, Model

Cameron Diaz.  Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci, Flickr.
Cameron Diaz at the Shrek the Third London premiere. Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci, Flickr.

Cameron Diaz began her career when she was merely 16 years old. She signed with Elite Model Management and began working all over the world. Diaz modeled for Calvin Kline and Levi’s at this time. In 1990, she graced the cover of Seventeen Magazine. In 1992, Diaz broke into acting and landed her first role. It was in a soft core bondage film entitled She’s No Angel. Next, she secured the role as Tina Carlyle, a lounge singer in the movie The Mask. This performance launched her into stardom and she became a sex symbol.

Diaz has been a sought after actress. She starred in numerous movies including She’s the One, My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something about Mary, Any Given Sunday, Charlie’s Angels with co-star Drew Barrymore, Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, The Holiday, My Sister’s Keeper, The Green Hornet and What to Expect When You Are Expecting. Diaz provided the voice of Fiona in all three of the animated Shrek movies. She also was a guest judge on the television series The X Factor. We estimate Cameron Diaz’s net worth to be around 100 Million Dollars!  That is enough for Forbes to have named her The Richest Female Hispanic Celebrity!

So, how much is 100 Million Dollars really?

If Cameron Diaz wanted to really help people, she could liquidate her assets and do so. There are 25,878 children in the foster care system of New York State. The cost of an affordable community college including tuition and books is approximately $3,864 per year. Diaz could pay for each and every one of those 25,878 kids to spend a year in college. This would be an awesome way to help the disadvantaged kids in New York!

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