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How rich is Cheryl Cole?

Name: Cheryl Ann Tweedy Cole
Born: June 30, 1983
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Model

Cheryl Cole.  Photo Ian T Edwards.
Cheryl Cole wearing a Lurex dress whilst performing with Girls Aloud at Battle Abbey, Hastings. Photo: Ian T Edwards.

Cheryl Cole first hit the scene in 2002 when she auditioned for the extremely popular TV reality show, Popstars: The Rivals. She was so impressive that she gained a spot in the group called Girls Aloud. Cole has become an important part of the group and remains with them. Girls Aloud has had twenty top ten singles as well as four number one hits! In 2009, Cole began her solo career after the group decided to take a break from recording and performing.

Cole’s debut solo album was called 3 Words and it had a whopping three hit singles. Her second released album was called Messy Little Raindrops and had two hit singles. In 2012, Cheryl Cole’s third album went to market and she again, had a number one hit with Call My Name. She was nominated for the BRIT Award three times for her solo works. Cole is an icon in the style world as well. She’s appeared on the covers of numerous magazines including Elle, British Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Cole is also the promotional face of the L’Oreal cosmetic company. For three years, she was a judge for The X Factor in Great Britain and then, she went on to judge the American X Factor for a year. We estimate that Cheryl Cole has a net worth of 17.5 Million Dollars!

So, how much is 17.5 Million Dollars really?

If Cheryl Cole wanted to empty her bank account and do a nice thing for those in her birth town of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, she could make each of the 192,392 people very happy. A high end Acer laptop computer costs $909.65, including tax. She could easily buy those 192,382 residents a really cool, new laptop.

Perhaps Cole would prefer to help more people. If so, she could take every resident in Beijing, China to McDonalds. She would be able to buy 17.5 million double cheeseburgers and distribute them to each of the 17.5 million residents! That would surely be a happy meal!

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