How rich is Chris Brown?

Name: Christopher Maurice Brown
Born: May 5, 1989
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor, Music Producer

Chris Brown.  Photo: Eva Rinaldi.
Chris Brown. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.

Chris Brown always loved music and dancing and his first album entitled Chris Brown was released in 2004 by Jive Records. It hit number two on Billboards 200 List. It went double platinum. He’s released several albums following his debut album including Exclusive, Graffiti, FAME and fortune. Carpe Diem is scheduled for release in 2013. His tours included Up Close and Personal Tour, The UCP Exclusive Tour, Fan Appreciation Tour and The FAME Tour.

Brown has made a few appearances on television programs including The O.C., Tosh.0, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Christmas in Washington. There was even a documentary made about his first trip to Africa called Chris Brown: Journey to South Africa. Brown’s film performances include Stomp the Yard, This Christmas, Into the Woods, Takers, Phenom and Blood Rogues. Chris Brown also created his own record label called CBE or Chris Brown Entertainment. Kevin McCall, Sabrina Antoinette, Sevyn, UGLY and Joelle James have signed onto his label. We estimate that Chris Brown has a net worth of about 24 Million Dollars!

So, how much is 24 Million Dollars really?

If Chris Brown wanted to help those less fortunate in Los Angeles, California, he might decide to do something good for the 25,000 kids in foster care. Well-known singing and voice coach, Greg Safel charges $90 per hour for lessons. Brown could afford to pay for 266,667 hours of classes for the kids. Each child would get 10.5 hours of voice coaching. Unfortunately, the voice coach would have to work 24 hours daily for 11,111 days or 30.5 years to fulfil his obligation. The kids would be grown up by the time the voice coach could give them lessons!

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  4. He is worth about 24 million dollars but is *worth* exactly -50 dollars.

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