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How rich is Harrison Ford?

Name: Harrison Ford
Born: July 13, 1942
Occupation: Actor, Producer

Harrison Ford.  Photo: Georges Biard.
Harrison Ford at the Cannes film festival. Photo: Georges Biard.

Harrison Ford was very shy when he was young and even during college. In his last semester in college, he decided to take drama classes in hope of overcoming his shyness. The acting bug bit him and he took off to Los Angeles hoping to land a job doing voice overs. He was passed over for that job but was hired by Columbia Pictures to appear in bit parts. He was paid $150 each week for the job. Ford appeared in quite a few movies but he never received a spot in the credits until A Time for Killing in 1967. He began doing some TV work for Universal including episodes on Gunsmoke, Kung Fu, The Virginian, Love American Style and Ironside.

In 1977, Ford really became recognizable for his portrayal of Hans Solo in the blockbuster movie, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, which brought George Lucas some of the wealth he have today. Since then, he has appeared and starred in many, many films. Some of the most popular movies are Star Wars Sequels, American Graffiti, Apocalypse Now, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Witness, Blade Runner, The Indiana Jones Films, Frantic, Presumed Innocent and Air Force One. He is still actively acting and producing and has 4 films scheduled for release in 2013. We estimate Ford’s net worth to be around 200 Million Dollars.

So, how much is 200 Million Dollars really?

If Ford wanted to get rid of all of his money and assets, he could have an important impact on every person living in South Africa. There are 12,726,000 households throughout the poverty stricken nation. Ford could afford to supply each family with a pair of pigs costing $5.00, a pair of goats costing $5.00 and a flock of chickens costing $3.50. There would be $1.22 left over that could be used to buy food for the chickens. This gift would provide meat, eggs and milk for these malnourished families. That would be an awesome way to spend 200 Million Dollars!

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