How Rich is Jessie J?

Name: Jessica Ellen Cornish
Born: March 27, 1988
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Jessie J. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.
Jessie J. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.

Jessie J went under contract with Gut Records, in 2006 however; before any of her music was released, the company went belly up. She then entered into an agreement with Sony Entertainment and began writing songs for artists including Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown. Jessie J performed as a supporting act for one of Cyndi Lauper’s UK concert tours and was even invited back onstage to perform Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Lauper. In 2008, Jessie J signed with Lava and her real career began.

Her first album debuted in 2011. It is entitled Who Are You. Jessie J headlined on 2 tours, Stand up Tour and Heartbeat Tour. She opened for the Girls Aloud! Tangled Up Tour. Her Nice to Meet You Tour is scheduled for 2013. Jessie J even performed at the Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012. We estimate that Jessie J has a current net worth of 7.5 Million Dollars and it will surely sky rocket as the years go by.

So, how much is 7.5 Million Dollars really?

If the stress of being a music celebrity begins to take its toll on Jessie J, she very well might need to take a vacation. A luxurious vacation would be in order with someone having 7.5 Million bucks to spend. She might really enjoy an all-inclusive cruise around the world. The World Circumnavigation Cruise lasts for 108 days and costs $69,551.03. Of course, this is for the Penthouse Suite on the ship with butler services and private lounging facilities as well. Jessie J could afford to take 108 of these high end cruises. This extended vacation would take 11,664 days or nearly 32 years! Jessie J would be 56 years old by the time the money that she has already amassed has run out!

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