How rich is Kendra Wilkinson?

Name: Kendra Leigh Wilkinson Baskett
Born: June 12, 1985
Occupation: Model, TV Personality, Reality Television Star

Kendra Wilkinson. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.
Kendra Wilkinson in Sydney at Ivy 2011. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.

Kendra Wilkinson was working as a dental receptionist when her photograph unexpectedly landed on the desk of Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner. Hefner was mesmerized by her incredibly good looks and well-endowed body so he had Wilkinson invited to his elite 78th birthday party in 2004. Wilkinson was one of the “painted party girls”. She entertained guests totally in the nude and was adorned only with body paint. After the party, Hefner invited Wilkinson to move into the Playboy Mansion and become one of his many girlfriends residing in the house. She gladly accepted and her career blossomed from there.

Although Wilkinson was never actually a Playboy Playmate, she did appear as a nude centerfold in the popular men’s magazine. She was featured in several music videos including Smack That with Akon and Nickelback’s Rock Star. Wilkinson had cameo bits on Las Vegas and Entourage. She moved out of the Playboy Mansion after meeting and becoming involved with Philadelphia Eagles football player, Hank Baskett. She also starred in the television reality series The Girls Next Door and Kendra on E! TV. Wilkinson has a net worth of about 6 Million Dollars!

So, how much is 6 Million Dollars really?

If Kendra Wilkinson wanted to empty her bank account and help increase the circulation of Hugh Hefner’s magazine, Playboy, so could do so quite easily. The cost of an annual subscription to Playboy magazine is twenty-nine dollars per year. Wilkinson could supply every male resident over the age of eighteen in Orange County, Florida with a year’s worth of hot and steamy magazines. This is not an easy feat as there are 206,897 men in that category. Wilkinson could make all of them very happy!

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