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How rich is eBay founder Pierre Omidyar?

Name: Pierre Morad Omidyar
Born: June 21st, 1967
Occupation: Founder and Chairman of eBay Incorporated

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar
eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Photo: Joi

Pierre’s life began in Paris with his Iranian parents. His mother received her Doctorate Degree in linguistics and his father was a surgeon, so how surprising is it that Pierre himself turned into such a brilliant man himself? Genetics certainly do play a role as we can see in Pierre’s case!

Pierre was a seemingly bright person and this carried over into his adult life. At the age of 28, he wrote an original computer code – over a long weekend mind you- that became the most well known name on the internet; eBay! It was received by the public on September 4, 1995 (Labor Day) and has been the top internet auction site in the world since then.

Three years after its launch, Pierre had made $4.5 billion of his amazing idea. This is almost twice as much as Donald Trump’s net worth. He also went on to become an investor, putting his money into Montage Resort and Spa located in Laguna Beach, CA. One could only imagine how much money inventing eBay AND investing in real estate would bring in, only Pierre does not have to imagine….it’s his real life! The reality of his net worth is $5.2 billion which places him in 148th place on the Forbes list.

So how much is $4.5 billion really?

The wife of the eBay founder may easily develop some hoarding disorder (someone had to bid up those first few auctions until the concept caught on), and we have heard a rumour that Pierre’s wife is a big collector of Pez dispensers. If he was to take his entire $4.5 billion and purchase refill candy for her Pez collection, it would get him 2,250,000,000 6-packs.  That is 13 500 000 000 of refills to be exact! “Ah”, you might say, “13 or so billion Pez refills.  That is a lot, right?” And it is.  It is in fact 162 billion pieces of Pez.  Which, if stacked on top of each other (you may want to use a bit of glue for stability), would reach to the moon.  In fact it would reach to the moon and back 3 times.

And if reading is his thing, Pierre could go on eBay and purchase 25,000,000 Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB with Wi-Fi. That is a lot of Kindle Pads and would provide him with more reading then he could possibly handle! In fact Pierre could buy a new Amazon Kindle every day for the next 70,000 years.  Hey Pierre! I would love to have one for myself if you don’t mind!

But despair not. If you want to be as rich as Pierre, all you have to do is to convince every American alive today to give you $15 each.  Easy.

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  1. Nick doogan

    Sick ov walking to work wud just like to aford to run a car not askin a lot I am on minnum wage its hard to pay rent and feed the kidds

    • Stop complaining

      If you had paid attention in school and perhaps learned how to read and write, perhaps you could drive to work too.

      • Maybe he didn’t go to school because his parents couldn’t afford it but if someone needs help then help them don’t just hollar at him. Would you like that to happen to you? No. Exactly so help him. Or maybe his school wasn’t the best so, you never know. Don’t judge a book by a cover. Maybe he’s really smart theres just something wrong with his face or something that makes people not hire him.

  2. You have to like how good the idea of ebay was. Its what all internet marketers dream of, something that no one else has done before but can be applied the world over.

  3. With the exception of Amazon, Omidyar was really the first to understand the huge commercial opportunity that Internet represented. He deserves every penny he made!

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  9. joseph barone

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  11. akashrajput

    sir in your ebay department my claim is not approval 2 month has gone to finished any every time when i call customer care says me please wait time line i m going consumer court and take action

  12. hoo flung poo

    he was good as Michael Bolton in office space

  13. Jacqueline mcgee

    EBay took my rent money out of my account now they not answering my phone or email purchase was 115$ ended up826$ never again never had problems before was on hold for 2 hours

  14. william wagner

    how do i contact him , because his over seas reps (ebay & paypal)wont give me satisfaction on a complaint !

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