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How rich is Nicole Kidman?

Name: Nicole Mary Kidman
Born: June 20, 1967
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Producer

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.
Nicole Kidman at the Movie Extra Tropfest. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.

Nicole Kidman started in the entertainment industry in 1983. She appeared in many Australian TV and movie productions, early in her career. Her major breakthrough occurred in 1989 because of her performance in Dead Calm, a thriller. Kidman really didn’t get worldwide recognition until 1990, when she was cast in Days of Thunder. The clamor about Kidman continued with her performances in Far and Away and Batman Forever. She has been skyrocketing to fame and fortune ever since.

Kidman has starred in many more films including Practical Magic, The Peacemaker, Eyes Wide Shut co-starred with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, Moulin Rouge and Cold Mountain. She’s also provided vocals for several singles as well as sang Kiss and Heartbreak Hotel for the animated movie, Happy Feet. Kidman has received numerous awards for her acting prowess. We estimate that Nicole Kidman has a net worth of about 120 Million Dollars.

So, how much is 120 Million Dollars really?

Since Kidman got her start in acting in Australia, she very well might enjoy visiting. If she liquidated all of her assets, she could book a flight from NY to Australia for $2,777 roundtrip. The flight would take 21 hours each way. She could afford to pay for 43,212 trips. All of those flights would last 1,814,904 hours or 75,620 days. It would take Kidman 206 years to complete all of those trips! If she wanted to take those flights with her four children, they all would be in the air for a little more than 41 years!

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