How rich is Olivia Palermo?

Name: Olivia Toledo Palermo
Born: February 28, 1986
Occupation: Model, Reality Show Actress, Socialite

Oliva Palermo. Photo: Nick Stepowyj.
Olivia Palermo attends “To John – With Peace & Love” Global Launch Of The Montblanc John Lennon Edition at Lincoln Center in New York City. Photo: Nick Stepowyj.

Olivia Palermo always had a love for media and while interning at Quest!, a photographer noticed and her and thought that she had an incredible camera presence. This photographer, Patrick McMullan followed Palermo all over town photographing her. In 2008, Palermo landed a starring role in the television series, The City which aired on MTV. She was on that show for two seasons and she received $12,000 per episode as compensation.

In 2009, Palermo signed with the top modeling agency, Wilhelmina Models. Palermo’s face has graced the covers of many magazines including Elle Mexico, ASOS Magazine, The Tattler and Shop Til You Drop. She has since created her own jewellery line and designed a shoe for a charity auction. Palermo had a guest job on Project Runway, Britain’s Top Model and Ireland’s Top Model. We estimate Olivia Palermo’s net worth to be around 10 Million Dollars.

So, how much is 10 Million Dollars really?

If Palermo wanted to liquidate her assets and help feed the poor, she very easily could do so. On the average, frozen turkeys cost about $1.59 per pound. She could afford to purchase 6,289,308 pounds of turkey. The average turkey weighs about 22 pounds therefore; Palermo could effectively buy around 285,878 of these tasty birds and distribute them to each of the families in need living in Alabama!

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