How rich is Reggie Bush?

Name: Reginald Alfred Bush, Jr.
Born: March 2, 1985
Occupation: Professional American Football Star

Reggie Bush. Photo: Wiki Commons.
I know what you are thinking, but no, Reggie Bush is on the left (or heraldic right if you want). Photo: Wiki Commons.

Reggie Bush was always a great athlete and had a love for the game of Football. He was the running back while he was in school at Helix High School located in La Mesa, California. Bush was fortunate enough to obtain an athletic scholarship and went to the University of Southern California. There, he played for Coach Pete Carroll who recognized that Bush could be a major asset to any team because of his diversity and ability to catch, throw, carry and return the football. In 2005, Bush received the honor of being awarded the coveted Heisman Trophy, however, he would later have to return the award voluntarily because he received inappropriate benefits while in college.

In 2006, Bush decided to leave school before finishing his senior year and declared that he was available for the NFL draft. Bush was the second draft pick and was acquired by the New Orleans Saints. Three days before the draft even happened, the sporting goods brand Addidas signed him to a three year endorsement contract. Bush decided to donate twenty-five cents for every NO Saints jersey sold with his number on it to the Hurricane Katrina Victims Fund, which he readily did. In 2010, the New Orleans saints with Reggie Bush won the first Super Bowl in the franchise’s history. In the summer of 2011, Bush was traded to the Miami Dolphins. He continues to play for the Miami franchise. Bush earns about 5 Million Dollars annually from endorsements alone and his net worth is estimated at 14 Million Dollars!

So, how much is 14 Million Dollars really?

Although he isn’t one of the highest paid players in the NFL, Bush’s 14 Million Dollars could go a long way. There are about 260,000 youths who play Pop Warner football throughout the United States, many of which have parents that have difficulty affording the items needed for their kids to play the game. If Reggie Bush liquidated all of his assets, he could help the kids get the equipment that they need. Cleats cost $20. Football pants usually run about $15. The socks are $5 per pair and so is a protective cup. A football for practicing is about $10. Bush could purchase all of these items for each of the 260,000 young players. Now that would surely be a great way to help keep the kids off the streets and looking to their futures.

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