How rich is Stella McCartney?

Name: Stella Nina McCartney
Born: September 13, 1971
Occupation: Fashion Designer

Stella McCartney. Photo: UK In France/Flickr
Stella McCartney, here with Kate Moss, during the Paris Fashion Week, at the Residence of the British Ambassador. Photo: UK In France/Flickr

Stella McCartney is the daughter of former Beatle, Paul McCartney and photographer, Linda McCartney. Stella had her own unique vision for her life’s path and that was always fashion. When she was a mere 16 years old, McCartney interned for well-known Christian Lacroix. At her college graduation, the collection that she had designed was modeled by supers such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. That collection was quickly purchased by Tokio, a chic boutique in London.

1997 was a remarkable year for McCartney as she was given the title of Creative Director of the famous fashion house, Chloe in Paris. She created her own fashion house in 2001 as a joint venture with Gucci. McCartney now owns 17 stores featuring her fashions and her fashion collections are sold in over fifty different countries around the world. She won the Fashion Designer of the Year Award in 2012. We estimate that Stella McCartney currently has a net worth of about 75 Million Dollars.

So, how much is 75 Million Dollars really?

If Stella McCartney wanted to eliminate her assets and promote her fashion line, she could do so quite easily. The average purse in her line of bags costs around $1,200. This is just a tad more than the average woman spends on a bag. Actually, it’s about $1,150 more than most spend but she would be promoting her line. She could give away 63,291 faux leopard bags to the visitors at the Statue of Liberty. During the busy season, Lady Liberty has around 15,000 visiting daily. McCartney could stand at the foot of this glorious landmark and give away bags for 4 days.

Should McCartney rather help children, she could buy the books and uniforms for all of the school children in Nassau, Bahamas. The cost of books and uniforms is about $900. She could pay for each of the 82,537 to have the necessities to go to school. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to share the wealth!

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