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How Rich is Kobe Bryant?

Name: Kobe Bean Bryant
Born: August 23rd, 1978
Occupation: Professional American Basketball Player

Kobe Bryant.  Photo: AnthonyChu.
Kobe Bryant at Pirates 3 premiere. Photo: Anthony Chu.

For Kobe, it was only a matter of time before he became a sports star. He was the only son of Joe Bryant who played for the Philadelphia 76ers and was also the head coach for the LA Sparks. Basketball was in Kobe’s blood from the day he took his first breath. His uncle was also into professional sports so it was no surprise that Kobe hit the courts in high school.

During his years in high school, he made a real impression. In his freshman year, he was good enough to make the Varsity team-this is astounding for a freshman! By the end of high school, he was skilled enough to play all five positions and was named Pennsylvania Player of the Year. The college recruiters were chopping at the bit for this piece of beef (his parents actually named his after Kobe beef), so much so that he was able to skip the drafts and go directly to the pros. Again, this is almost unheard of in any sport.

In the end, Kobe become on the Lakers most valuable assets and the money, of course, came rolling in. Between games, endorsements and appearances Kobe net worth at the end of 2011 was nearly $25 million dollars. This is a huge step up from his 1997 net worth of only $1 million. If you add up everything he made during his entire career (from 1997-2011), the number you would get is $196,190,615! All that for running around on a court and throwing a ball? Apparently I picked the wrong career.

So how much is $25 million really?
Kobe is obviously a basketball fan! Maybe on his downtime he likes to play with his pals, and if so, it could not just be any plain old basketball; for Kobe it would have to be an official NBA ball which would cost $130. With The Kobe’s money, he could get 192,307,692 Official NBA basketballs. That is enough to give all of his fans a signed ball! If he charged for his autograph on each ball, he could make his money back in no time!  And if he wanted to use the balls for an evil purpose?  A basketball dropped from about 1.5 meters (about yeigh high) generate 9 joules.  So if he were to drop all his newly aquired baskedballs at the same time, that would generate 1 730 769 228 joules – or about the same as an explosion of 2,5 tonnes of TNT.  That is about the same sized explosion as what sank the Russian submarine Kursk.  So, if Kobe spent all his money, he could sink a Russian sub with basketballs.

To put this astounding number into further perspective, think of this; for $25 million, a family of four could eat for 625,000, days (1,700 years, that is). If their taste is more expensive, they could feast on Japanese Kobe steaks which cost about $200 per pound. With the Kobe man’s money, he could get 125,000 pounds of this expensive and very tasty meat!  But Kobe eating kobe just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?

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