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How rich is Mark Zuckerberg?

Name: Mark Zuckerberg
Born: May 14th, 1984
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Computer Programmer

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg – not as good looking as Scarlett Johansson, but much, much richer

Mark Zuckerberg is a well known young man due to his development of the world’s most popular social networking site. From a young age, Mark took a deep interest in computers and when he was only 12 years old he built his very own computer program, one he names Zucknet, by using his Atari Basic. This program was used like an intercom to help communicate with his parents from across the house without leaving the room or yelling across the house.

Since Mark’s interest and ability in computers continued to grow, his parents hired a private teacher for him so he could learn more and more. Throughout high school and college, Mark continued to show a broad interest in computers and this is what brought him to the amazing place he in at now.

Facebook was a site ran out of Mark’s college dorm until he realized its potential and in 2004, dropped out of college and dedicated all his time to his new site. By the time 2004 was at its end, Facebook users totalled an astounding 1 million. In 2010, Forbes put Mark Zuckerberg at #35. This meant that he beat out the amazing Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace. In 2010 he was worth $6.9 billion. Now, his net worth is much more – $17.5 billion to be exact.

So how much is $17.5 billion really?

One interesting fact about Mark is that he was the only one in his crowd that did not have a fake ID. Now, if Mark wanted to really splash out on a proper fake ID – SSN and a good fake passport – that would cost him $7500 (or so we have been told).  With the money he has now, he could afford to purchase 24 million fake ID’s! That would give him a new identity every day for 65 000 years.

The average person may be more interested in getting their rent paid with Zuck’s money. The average rental price for a small home is about $900 per month (outside of big cities of course), so Mark’s money would pay for 18,888,888 months of rent! Pay it all now, and you need not worry about paying rent for another 1 574 074 years.

Or to put things into proper perspective.  Scarlett Johansson is rich, we all know that.  But with all her money, she could still only afford to buy 25 used (but well kept) Bugatti Veyrons.  It is the most expensive car in the world, after all.  Mark, though, could afford to buy a Bugatti Veyron every week for the next 250 years.  So, although all rich people are equal, some rich people are more equal than others.

Editor’s note:  In the days after Facebook was listed on NASDAQ, the share price dropped from $42 to a low of $31 – a drop of about 27%.  To Zuckerberg that meant a paper loss of astonishing $ 5 billion – or about $ 208 333 300 for ever hour the stock exchange was open.  We are guessing the stock ticker in the Facebook office was getting on his nerves after a while.  To put it into perspective: The average American would have to work 6000 years to cover the amount Zuckerberg lost per hour during those first few days after the listing.

Editors update 4 August 2012:  As of today, shares in Facebook now trades at only about $ 20.  That is 53% lower than their all time high just after the listing.  This gives Zuckerberg a paper loss of astonishing $ 9 000 000 000.  Your average high school teacher would have to work 169 812 years to cover that loss…

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  1. He still looks like a geek

  2. pixellite

    He is this rich and still there are 35 people richer than him? crazy.

  3. nyaupane arjun

    Great mind from so younger age only,so talanted guy.

  4. Betsy Jackman

    Man i cant even afford to buy a bugatti veryon in Need For Speed and here these people are buying millions of dollars woth Bugatti Veyrons!

  5. Im going to put it nicely, its UGLY

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