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How rich is Rupert Murdoch?

Name: Keith Rupert Murdoch
Born: March 11th, 1931
Occupation: Retired Chairman and CEO of the News Corporation

Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Murdoch (she is not his daughter). Photo: David Shankbone

Rupert is a naturalize American that was born and bred in Australia. As a businessman, he was brilliant and took over for his father as the manger of News Limited in 1952. In his 20’s and 30’s, Rupert also started collecting newspapers throughout Australia and this collection expanded into New Zealand and The United Kingdom. Newspaper businesses, that is, not the printed thing.  It is not like he was a traditional hoarder.  His biggest acquisition was during his move to New York where he acquired Fox and the Wall street Journal.

By the year 2000, Rupert Murdoch owned more than 800 businesses and these were spread out over fifty different countries. All the companies put together had a net worth of over $5 billion! Today, Rupert has made number 106 on Forbes list of richest people and his net worth is now $8.3 billion dollars.

So how much is $8.3 billion really?

Before we move on to that, let’s look at another figure.  Rupert Murdoch now owns 950 different businesses.  Now look in your drawer and count the number of socks and underpants you may have.  Less than 950, we are guessing.  Rupert owns more newspapers and TV stations than you will ever own underwear.

Communists and other criminals may argue that anyone with this much money has too much.  So what could us regular folks buy with it? Personally, I love Wild Cherry Pepsi and would love to have the 8,300,000,000 2 litres of it! Some of my favourite chips would go fantastic with the Pepsi, and I could get 2 million bags of bakes lays with this kind of cash!

The average family pays at least $3,000 a month in bills which comes out to $36,000 per year. With Rupert’s money, one family could pay their bills for 230,500 years! To put it into perspective – our species of humans first began to evolve nearly 200,000 years ago.  So in other words, 230,000 years is a long time – enough to cover your family, your children’s family, your children’s children’s family and so on and so forth for 11,500 generations.

For women who have experienced the effects of gravity, plastic surgery is a dream – one that is unreachable for many of us! With Rupert’s money, he could give 830,000 breast augmentations. If the nose is what people want taken care of, this amount of money could help out 1,600,000 people – or just get himself the biggest nose in the world.

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