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How rich is Sean Connery?

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Name: Thomas Sean Connery
Born: 25 August 1930
Occupation: Actor, Producer

Sean Connery. Photo: Georges Biard.
Sean Connery at the Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Georges Biard.

Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh and was the oldest of two boys born to Euphemia, a cleaning woman, and Joseph Connery, a factory worker.  From the time he was young, he worked hard and eventually left school to begin working full time. At the age of 16 he joined the Royal Navy where he stayed for three years until stomach problems led to his departure. After leaving the Navy he was back home and working as hard as ever at odd jobs. He began weight lifting and eventually placed third in the 1950 Mr. Universe competition.

Sean soon began working as a model and had a few small parts in theatre productions. His first movie roll was in Another Time, Another Place starring opposite Lana Turner. A short four years later and one of the most notable Bond men of all time would be born. As the new James Bond, international success was a sure thing and he eventually starred in six Bond movies from 1962-1971.

His long and very successful movie career has led us to believe his net worth is $110 million dollars (83 million pounds).

So how much is $110 million dollars really?

In only six James Bond films, Sean managed to kiss 18 women. That’s a lot of lip work and we can only assume he would need a lot of Chapstick to moisten those puckers. For $110 million dollars Sean could buy 100 million tubes of the stuff. That adds up to… a whole lotta smooching.

Or perhaps Sean understands the value of carrying his Walther .380 pistol. He should, because in only six films he managed to kill 51 people. For $110 million dollars he could buy 650 of them to protect all his ladies, and still have enough left over for 69,444,000 rounds of ammo for all those bad guys. Going this route would only make sense because as a member of the British Secret Service, it’s his job to protect us. After all, he is Bond, James Bond.

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