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How rich is Rowan Atkinson?

I bet you haven’t seen them all!  Buy all of Rowan Atkinson’s movies here: The Mr Bean CollectionThe Black Adder Collection.

Name:  Rowan Sebastian Atkinson
Born: 6 January 1955
Occupation: English comedian, Screenwriter, Actor

Rowan Atkinson. Photo: Glenn Standish.
Rowan Atkinson looking slightly scary and slightly silly at the same time outside Theatre Royal. Photo: Glenn Standish.

Rowan Atkinson was born the third son of Ella May and Eric Atkinson where he grew up on a farm in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He attended college for electrical engineering at Newcastle University and at The Queen’s College in Oxford.  It was during this time he began acting, where he eventually turned his attention full time.

Rowan got his first start on BBC Radio 3 on a comedy show called The Atkinson People. The show aired in 1978 with him playing every character.  After leaving school he focused on TV and began both acting and writing for different shows.

His success with the show The Black Adder has led to many other successful shows and movies, including the character he made famous, Mr. Bean. He has also starred alongside other famous movie stars such as Angelica Huston, Charlie Sheen, Maggie Smith, and Kristin Scott Thomas in movies such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Johnny English, Johnny English Reborn and Love Actually. Rowan has also made many guest appearances on a variety of shows including the popular Top Gear with co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

With his years of comedic ventures and his popularity, we estimate Rowan Atkinson to have a net worth of GBP 70,000,000 (USD $130 million).

So how much is 70 million pounds really?

Rowan Atkinson is known to have a love of driving and race cars. With his GBP 70,000,000 he could easily purchase a variety of cars to suit his fancy. We would recommend he think about purchasing the Ferrari FXX which goes for around GBP 1,540,000.  For that price he could easily have 45 of them with plenty of money left over for fuel to drive them all. Think of all the colour possibilities…

Or maybe Rowan wouldn’t want all that flashy attention. Come to think of it, he’s got two kids who are both of driving age, so maybe he could get the family matching cars? For only GBP 1,110,000 he could buy four of the classy – and fast – Mercedes Benz SLR McLarens. One for himself, one for his wife, and one each for his son and daughter. They could even race one another. Heck, for that small amount of money he would even have enough left over to buy them their own racetrack and pay for a pit crew for each of them for 45 years.

I bet you haven’t seen them all!  Buy all of Rowan Atkinson’s movies here: The Mr Bean CollectionThe Black Adder Collection.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After we wrote this article, Rowan Atkinson actually took one of his super cars, a McLaren F1, for a spin.  After a while the road turned, but Atkinson didn’t.  The result?  The biggest repair bill in the history of motoring: GBP 912 000 ($1.5 million)!  It’s unlikely Atkinson will be keeping his no claim bonus.

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