How rich is Paul Rudd?

Name: Paul Stephen Rudd
Born: 6 April 1969
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter

Paul Rudd. Photo:
Paul Rudd. Photo:

Paul Rudd was born in New Jersey and raised in Kansas where he was the oldest of two children born to British parents. His father Michael was VP at World Airways and his mother Gloria was a sales manager for a television station. He attended the University of Kansas for drama and after a couple of years he earned a scholarship to further his studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Paul also took a three month workshop from Oxford University’s British Drama Academy.

He returned stateside and began to get parts on television shows such as the popular Sisters and the comedy Wild Oats. These roles lead to bigger things and his breakout role was in the movie Clueless which he starred in with Alicia Silverstone. He continued to work on both stage and screen and was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for the Broadway Theatre. He continued to appear in movies such as The Cider House Rules and Wet Hot American Summer.

It wasn’t long after that Paul began to be a household name starring in many popular comedies such as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and This is 40 (co-starred with Leslie Mann), I Love You, Man with Jason Segel. We estimate Paul Rudd’s net worth with years of stage, television and movie roles to $15 million dollars (GBP 9,300,000).

So how much is $15 million dollars really?

Because Paul has ties to both England and the United States, we can only imagine he loves to travel back and forth to visit relatives. With his $15 million he could easily fly coach non-stop roundtrip 8,823 times, and that’s not including frequent flyer miles.

But maybe he has a little something more practical in mind. He could purchase his own plane and not have to worry about recycling all those old tickets. For the small price tag of $149,900 Paul could purchase 100 Cessna Model 162 Skycatchers and just fly himself. We, however, think it would be more practical if he just gave one to everyone in his family and let them come to him.  He is a busy guy, after all.

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