How rich is Barbra Streisand?

Name: Barbra Joan Streisand
Born: 24 April 1942
Occupation: American actress, Singer, Writer, Film producer, Director

Barbra Streisand (Photo from Library of Congress)
Barbra Streisand many, many years ago (Photo from Library of Congress)

Barbra Streisand was born in Brooklyn to Diana, a secretary, and Emanuel, an English teacher.  Her father died when she was just a toddler and her mother later remarried, giving Barbra a younger half sibling.  She got her start singing in the school choir and was taking acting lessons by the time she was was 15.  According to her, she was highly discouraged by her mother from pursuing a career in show business because of her looks.  This didn’t stop her.

Streisand never attended college but instead moved to New York where she began singing and dropped the middle a from her name to stand out.  She was soon also acting on Broadway, with critical acclaim.  She successfully turned to television and then film with such hits as Funny Girl, Hello Dolly!, What’s Up Doc, A Star is Born, The Way We Were, Nuts, and The Prince of Tides to name a few.

Barbra is the highest selling female artist ever, and has won countless awards in every category she’s worked in.  She’s had a long and highly successful career and due to her incredible popularity over the years, we estimate her net worth at $600,000,000 (GBP 375,000,000).

So how much is $600 million dollars really?

We know she loves music, and with as many hits as she’s had she probably needs a lot of storage to hear herself.  With $600 million she could easily buy 1,500,000 iPod Touch 64 GBs and share the love of music with her many fans.  Or maybe she could just pass out some of her CDs (some of them are getting a little old so she could get them for a good price).  She could pass out over 50 million of them to her adoring fans.

If this doesn’t suit her fancy, she could always donate her money to the Democratic Party.  Since she’s an avid supporter and fan of Barack Obama, maybe she could give it to him to redistribute to the many projects he’s so fond of.  After all, who can really use $600 million dollars anyway?

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