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How rich is Roger Moore?

Name: Roger George Moore
Born: 14 October 1927
Occupation: English Actor, Producer, Philanthropist

Roger Moore.  Photo: Allan Warren.
Roger Moore. Photo: Allan Warren.

Roger Moore was born the only child to Lillian, a housewife, and George, a policeman.  He was good in school and loved swimming. He also loved drawing and art and decided to pursue this as a career. At only 15 years old he got a job working for Publicity Picture Productions as a tracer and filling the cartoons in.

He had never thought of himself as an actor, but when he was approached by Brian Desmond Hurst, a film director who thought he had potential, he agreed to enrol in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, with Hurst picking up the tab. Moore began working in bit film parts but left at 18 to serve as an officer for his National Service, where he continued to work in the entertainment arena. He continued to pursue acting jobs in both England and the U.S.

From 1962-1969, Moore was cast in The Saint as Simon Templer where he first came to stardom. Although Moore also had many parts in a variety of movies that never quite got critical acclaim, he finally landed the role of James Bond when Sean Connery stepped down. His first Bond film was Live and Let Die in 1973.  From then until 1985 his seven Bond movies made over $1.119 billion dollars at the box office, and to date he has starred in more Bond movies than any other actor. In the movies he had over 51 kills, said the famous words, “Bond, James Bond” 10 times, and kissed a total of 20 different women. With all of television and film work, we estimate Roger Moore’s net worth at $90 million dollars (GBP 56,000,000). He is currently living in Monaco.

So how much is $90 million dollars really?

It’s no secret that Roger Moore loved almost as many women off screen as on, and we can only hope he’s as suave in real life. If he were looking for a special something for the current lady in his life, he may want to intrigue her with a Martin Katz diamond bracelet. At the small price tag of $1 million dollars, he could buy 90 of them and just give them away as each new lady appears on his arm.

But as Roger Moore is getting much older now, we think he may want to settle down for the long haul. If that’s the case, he could buy his new, permanent lady a panther bracelet from Wallis Simpson. Made out of onyx and diamonds, this bracelet goes for a mere $7 million. For that kind of change he could buy her six for each arm and still have change left over, for wining and dining her of course.

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