How rich is Leslie Mann?

Name: Leslie Mann (born Heather Alexandra Mann)
Born: 26 March 1972
Occupation: Actress

Leslie Mann.  Photo: Franz Richte.
Leslie Mann. Photo: Franz Richte.

Born in San Francisco, California, Leslie Mann was raised by her mother who was married three different times.  She has two biological siblings and was raised with three older step-brothers.  After graduating from high school she studied comedy with the comedy troupe The Groundlings and acting at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio.

She began appearing in commercials and in 1995 she got her first big role in The Cable Guy.  It was during auditions she met her future husband, director and film producer Judd Apatow.  Since that time she and her husband have collaborated on many films.

Leslie has acted for both television and film.  Some of her more high profile roles have been in movies such as George of the Jungle, Big Daddy, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Knocked Up.  The sequel to Knocked Up, This is 40, follows her as the main character and has received good reviews.  For her role in Knocked Up, shewas nominated for Best Supporting Actress from the Chicago Film Critics Association.  With her numerous hits over the years, we estimate Leslie Mann to have a net worth of $18,000,000 dollars (GBP 11,000,000).

So how much is $18 million dollars really?

We think Leslie looked right at home in George of the Jungle and it’s been quite some time since she’s been there, so maybe she’d like to take a trip back.  She could explore the exotic jungle in Belize and even stay in a treehouse unit almost like the one in the movie.  She could do this for 57 years in a row with all her money.  But if she were going for that length of time, it would probably be better to just buy her own treehouse.

If she were in the market for a treehouse, she could certainly afford the Alnwick Gardens Tree House, located in the United Kingdom.  It even comes with it’s own restaurant.  However, if  you’re feeling a bit jealous of her bank account, just remember, with a price tag of $7,000,000, even Leslie could have only two of them.

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