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How rich is Anthony Hopkins?

Name: Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins
Born: December 31st, 1937
Occupation: Actor, Musician

Sir Anthony Hopkins at Tuscan Sun Festival 2009 in Cortona, Italy.
Sir Anthony Hopkins at Tuscan Sun Festival 2009 in Cortona, Italy. Photo: Elena Torre

From the very beginning, young Hopkins found typical school subjects to be mundane and he found much more pleasure in the arts then in school work. When he was 15 years old, he met a Welch compatriot, and that brief meeting inspired Anthony to become an actor. He began doing theater and studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

For the first half of his professional career, Anthony saw only the stage. It was not until 1968 that he got his day on the big screen in the movie The Lion in Winter where he played opposite Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn. From there, the movie offers kept rolling in and some of the best work he has done was in his more mature years.

Anyone who does not know the name Anthony Hopkins only has to be asked if they know Hannibal Lecter. This will definitely ring a bell! This was perhaps the most defining role in Anthony’s career and he will forever be remember for the brilliant, yet psychotic serial killer who liked to eat people. Maybe this is not the best way to be remembered, but hey, the film was brilliant and is worth remembering. After all of his fabulous film work, his net worth is a bit over $200 million dollars!

So how much is $200 million really?

I imagine that Anthony likes to visit London as often as possible. After all, it is his old stomping ground and he might like to drop in on the Queen who knighted him! With the money he has, he can fly over the pond 210,526 times. Even at his age, I think he could actually make that many trips to a place he so much adores!

And he would also be investing in his own future.  Literally.  If each flight lasts 9 hours and the plane travels at 960 km per hour, he would actually live 2,76 milliseconds longer.  Or more accurately, he will have travelled 2,76 milliseconds in to the future according to the theory of time dilation.  Of course he would have to spend 250 years in a Virgin Atlantic cattle class seat first, so it is likely he would arrive in the future in a pretty bad temper and with a nasty back pain.

I love English tea and chances are Anthony does as well. For the love of tea, Anthony could get 33,333,333 pounds. This would keep him knee deep in tea bags for the rest of his natural life! It would also get him 100,000,000 scones. That is one and a bit scone for every Brit alive.  But you cannot drink English Tea without a good scone! With this many cups of tea and delicious scones, this would be quite the tea party!

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