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How rich is Charlie Sheen?

Name: Carlos Irwin Estevez aka “Charlie Sheen”
Born: 3 September 1965
Occupation: Actor

CharliecSheen. Photo: Angela George, Flickr.
CharliecSheen. Photo: Angela George, Flickr.

Charlie Sheen was born to Janet, a homemaker, and Ramon, an actor. His father, Ramon Estevez is better known by his stage name of Martin Sheen. His parents always encouraged Charlie and his brothers and sister to pursue acting. Charlie got his first paid role at the age of nine as a film extra in the movie The Execution of Private Slovik, a film his father was starring in. He continued to pursue acting and let his studies slide, and before receiving his high school diploma he was expelled from high school. He continued to appear in small parts in movies, and got his big break playing Private Chris Taylor in the successful movie Platoon. From that point forward, Charlie’s career just kept getting better.

In addition to serious parts, Charlie had an eye for comedy and starred in some popular comedies such as Hot Shots!, Hot Shots Part Deux, and Scary Movie 3. He also starred alongside his brother, Emilio Estevez in several movies such as Men at Work, Wisdom, and Young Guns. With his great comedic timing, he was soon called in to replace Michael J. Fox in the comedy Spin City.  Soon after, he got the role of Charlie Harper in the popular sit-com Two and a Half Men. He was reportedly making $1.25 million an episode (GBP 780,000) when he left the show.

From his years of both serious and comedic acting on television and the big screen, we estimate Charlie Sheen to have a net worth of $125,000,000 (GBP 78,000,000).

So how much is $125 million dollars really?

Let’s just say it’s no secret Charlie likes the ladies. With three former ex-wives and five children, he’s no stranger to the alter. He also is no stranger to hotel rooms with women he hardly knows. As a matter of fact, we think in many ways he dethrones Hugh Hefner as the king of playboy. If Charlie were interested (he always is), he could entertain numerous ladies at a place just like the Playboy Mansion. For the estimated price of $54,000,000 he could own two of them, one on each coast. We think that might make him pretty happy. Heck, he’d even have money left over for the occasional hotel room.

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