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Kim Fields, fair use

How rich is Kim Fields?

Name: Kim Victoria Fields Born: May 12, 1969 Occupation: Actress, director and singer Kim Fields was born on May 12, 1969 in New York City, New York. She is the daughter of legendary actress and director Chip Fields, who co-starred with her on a couple of hit television shows. Kim attended the Pepperdine University to study film and television. Kim […]

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Kandi Burruss, fair use

How rich is Kandi Burruss?

Name: Kandi Leniece Burruss Born: May 17, 1976 Occupation: Singer-songwriter, record producer, television personality and actress Kandi Burruss was born on May 17, 1976 in College Park, Georgia. She is the daughter of Titus Burruss Jr., a Reverend, and Joyce Jones. She is the sister of Patrick Riley, who died in a car accident at the young age of 22. […]

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Porsha Williams, fair use

How rich is Porsha Williams?

Name: Porsha Dyanne Williams Born: June 22, 1981 Occupation: Television personality, entrepreneur, model and singer Porsha Williams was born on June 22, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of two self-employed entrepreneurs and is the sister of Lauren. Her father is Hosea Williams, a prominent civil rights activist. Porsha attended Southwest Dekalb High School in Decatur, Georgia. Upon […]

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Angela Bassett, fair use

How rich is Angela Bassett?

Name: Angela Evelyn Bassett Born: August 16, 1958 Occupation: Actor Angela Bassett was born on August 16, 1958 in New York City, New York. She is the daughter of Daniel Benjamin Bassett and Betty Jane Gilbert. Raised in Harlem, she has a sister named D’nette. Prior to her parents’ separation, she moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her aunt. Her […]

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How rich is Bernie Sanders?

How rich is Bernie Sanders?

Name: Bernard “Bernie” Sanders Born: September 8, 1941 Occupation: Politician Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Elias Sanders and Dorothy Sanders. He is the brother of Larry Sanders. Their mother died in 1959 at the age of 46 and their father passed away in 1962 at the age of […]

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Alex Trebek, fair use

How rich is Alex Trebek?

Name: George Alexander Trebek Born: July 22, 1940 Occupation: Television personality and philanthropist Alex Trebek was born on July 22, 1940 in Sudbury, Ontario. He is the son of George Edward Trebek, a chef from Ukraine, and Lucille Lagace, a Franco-Ontarian. He grew up in a bilingual English-French home. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1998. […]

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Titus O'Neil, fair use

How rich is Titus O’Neil?

Name: Thaddeus Michael Bullard Born: April 29, 1977 Occupation: Professional wrestler Titus O’Neil was born on April 29, 1977 in Boynton Beach, Florida.┬áHis family moved to Live Oak, Florida and grew up in a Christian household. He attended Suwannee High School, where he was a stellar football player for the Suwannee Bulldogs. Titus was such a standout player on the […]

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How rich is Chris Rock?

How rich is Chris Rock?

Name: Christopher Julius Rock III Born: Andrews, South Carolina Occupation: Comedian, actor, executive producer and musician Chris Rock was born on February 7, 1965 in Andrews, South Carolina. He is the son of Julius Rock, a truck driver and newspaper deliveryman, and Rosalie Tingman, a teacher and social worker for the mentally handicapped. He has four brothers, Tony, Kenny, Jordan […]

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Caroline Manzo, fair use

How rich is Caroline Manzo?

Name: Caroline Laurita Born: August 23, 1961 Occupation: Television personality and entrepreneur Caroline Manzo was born on August 23, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. Caroline is one of 11 children in an immense Italian Catholic American family. Caroline is the sister of professional chef, Jaime Laurita, Joseph Laurita, Cookie Laurita, Fran Laurita, Dina Manzo and Chris Laurita. She is also […]

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Chris Jericho, fair use

How rich is Chris Jericho?

Name: Christopher Keith Irvine Born: Manhasset, New York Occupation: Professional wrestler, musician, entrepreneur, author, actor and television personality Chris Jericho was born on November 9, 1970 in Manhasset, New York. He is the son of Ted Irvine, a professional ice hockey player with the NHL. Upon retirement, Chris and his father moved back to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Chris studied Creative Communication […]

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